Wike received N100m, Ambulances, and Cartons of plasta from Bua’s company

Governor Nyesom Wike has received the sum of N100million, Ambulances and Cartons of plasta from Bua’s company.

The Bua Company, visited the Rivers State government house yesterday 29th of June and made some donations to Governor Wike on behalf of the State.

Mr Kalifa Isiaku Rabiu, who is the General Manager of Bua cement company, donated three COVID-19 life supporting Ambulances to the Rivers State government in support of her fight against the virus known as COVID-19.

It was also revealed by governor Wike, that Bua cement company, also donated One Hundred Million Naira (N100,000,000) and a truck load of Four Thousand (4,000) cartons of pasta to the State Government.

Meanwhile Governor Wike, appreciated the Bua cement company, for assisting the Rivers State government and her people in the fight against COVID19.

Wike in his statement said, “You have shown you are part and parcel of Rivers State and i want to sincerely commend you. You have shown a difference with your willingness to support Government to save lives.”

“We appreciate those who have come to make sure lives are saved and transmission is reduced. We are committed to making the business environment easy for our people.”

Presenting the Ambulances on behalf of Bua Group its Executive Director of Bua cement company, Mr Kalifa Isiaku Rabiu thanked the Government for making Bua’s operation swift in the state on presentation.

According to a statement from Mr Kalifa Isiaku Rabiu, the general manager of the company, he said, “I want to assure you that Bua group is committed to supporting the State and the Federal Republic of Nigeria.”

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