Why do most Men want a side chick

Why Men Get Side Chicks?

It’s a thrill for a man when he is sneaking around and getting away with cheating.

Once a man gets a side chick he starts to treat the main chick poorly by not showering her with flowers or gifts, stop calling as much, the compliments begin to fade, he becomes rude and the sex life changes tremendously.

It’s because the man has other options, someone else to show him attention and stroke his ego. It’s easier for an immature man to go out and get another woman instead of being loyal and become a power couple with his main chick.

The man who is living a lie in order to satisfy his needs. The man that takes money and time aside from the family just to have sex with someone else.

The man who cheats on his main chick (real girl) when she gets pregnant knowing that is a time when a woman should be the happiest.

A side chick is like seven eleven, there’s one on every corner. Women not only have to worry about her man cheating with other women in this new era, women, but she has to make sure her man is not sleeping with other men.

It seems like every woman in this new generation wants to become a stripper and a side chick instead of a strong queen.

1. The go-to side chick looks good and appealing on the outside, she knows her place and understands she is his fun time away from home. 

She craves for material things and has sex with whomever she wants. She lives a free life and gets showered with gifts.

2. Then there’s the low-grade side chick that if she gets pregnant, that’s a win for her.

She thinks of her side baby as income for herself. The low-grade side chick doesn’t care about winning the man she only wants a bigger income tax check and child support.

3. Follow by the spiteful, evil side chick that is always around laying in the grass like a snake. 

She knows she is causing chaos and ruining relationships, but the spiteful side chick does not care. They will be there picking up the phone on the first ring whenever your man calls ready to open her legs.

She puts up a front as if she is okay with being number two and starts to get attached emotionally.

She mentally and physically makes it difficult for true love. She waits in the shadows for her day to strike and steal your man.

4. Let’s not forget the delusional side chick that says “I didn’t know he was married” or “he said he was going to leave his wife for me.” 

That could be true, but if you are not invited to meet your boyfriend’s family, never been to his home, always at a hotel when hooking up, don’t sleep with him at night, and doesn’t always answer the phone when you call. These are all red flags that he will never leave his wife.

5. Last but not least the thirsty side chick that will do anything for fame and followers on Instagram. 

She smiles in your face and plays her part for a moment all while thinking of ways to plot against you. A thirsty side chick doesn’t play fair, and no rules apply to them.

They save all the evidence, text messages, recorded face time and phone calls ready to tell all when things don’t go their way.