What is your Personal Development Plan (PDP) for the year?

You must develop your PDP early so as to achieve more in the year. It must be written plan that you will be loyal, committed with and well structure.

Guidelines in achieving your PDP

  1. Be ‘Spiritually Connected’ with your God. Not just relationship but build serious and quality fellowship with him.
  2. Get ‘Fresh Knowledge’ by reading different inspirational and professional books always without been tired. The more you read the articulate you become.
  3. Get ‘Different Career Development Seminars, Conferences and Workshop’ for yourself. Don’t wait until your employer register you for it. Pay from your hard earn money. You are loading your future harvest.
  4. ‘Attach with Mentor and Coaches Pillars’ that will add more value to your life.
  5. Get ‘Additional skills’ to sharpen your effort and strength to serve people and earn more.
  6. Visit events, Places for Relaxation, Recreation, Retreat and Education to discover more for yourself.
  7. Be part of different networking association to be able to add more value to what you are doing. Have a great Team. TEAM means Together Everyone Achieves More.
  8. Disconnect from negative influencer. You must move with people of positive mind for better achievement.
  9. Always meet with expat on your field for better improvement.
  10. Develop new product and services to meet people’s need and increase your income.

Be courageous, it’s not too late for you to start now!


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