(Video)Heavy Gunfire as Eastern security Network sets Fulani Herdsmen houses on Fire in Ebonyi state

The Eastern Security Network has burned down several houses belonging to Fulani herdsmen in Ebonyi state after they warned them to leave the land but they refused.

An officer who filmed the video said: “We went to their houses to make sure we burn down their houses because we asked them to leave our land but they refuse, you can hear the echo of the gun, they are challenging us, we are here life and direct burning their houses.”

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu who shared the video wrote: “Another terrorist camp destroyed in our beloved  land of Ebonyi yesterday. The warning to terrorists is a very simple one, do NOT dwell in our farmlands and forests, go to towns and cities and rent a dwelling like all law abiding citizens.”

“The forests of our ancestors will not be surrendered to foreign terrorists from  Sene-Gambia despite the best efforts of caliphate slaves like Dave Umahi.”

“Only a complete fool will doubt our resolve. Any day any of our mothers or daughters are attacked, abducted or raped again in Ebonyi State, Dave Umahi will be chased out of Abakaliki.”

“Mad Zoo!”