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VICTORY!!! 100 Million Nigerians To Beg Jonathan To Return Back To Aso Rock

VICTORY!!! 100 Million Nigerians To Beg Jonathan To Return Back To Aso Rock

A Human Rights Legal Luminary, Barrister Gyang Zi, has called on Nigerians to return former President Goodluck Jonathan to the Presidency, in 2023, for the sake of peaceful coexistence and prosperity in the country.

Barrister Zi, who addressed Reporters in Jos, the Plateau State capital, indicated that the former President possesses the qualities of a unifying Leader and a Democrat, owing to the policies of his administration while in Office, and his respect for the rule of law.

Zi argued that Jonathan is not a sectional Leader, citing a pattern of appointment of persons into government Offices, infrastructural development schemes, and his general attitude towards the country at large. He stated that Jonathan believes so much in Nigeria, and that his patriotism informed his willingly conceding power, in 2015.

Zi said: “We are advocating for Jonathan Presidency, in 2023, based on the following achievements while in Office. Nigeria was listed among the fastest-growing economy in the world, diversification of the economy by developing the agricultural and mining sectors and the introduction of the BVN, and single Treasury Account as a systematic way of fighting corruption.

“He came up with educational reforms, including the establishment of additional Universities; granting licences to private persons and bodies, to establish private Universities and other institutions; the establishment of Almajiri Schools in the North, etc.

“Strict adherence to the provisions of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria; obedience to judgments and orders of the court, as well as respect to the rule of law; non-interference with other arms of government especially the judiciary.

“His effort toward fighting insecurity,despite extreme sabotage by opposition and refusal to sell arms to Nigeria by the USA and the international community, and conducting a free and fair election .