Igbos Presidency Doesn’t Matter Until We See Ourselves As One – Joe Igbokwe

The former Apc Lagos chairman, Joe Igbokwe has stated that Igbos Presidency Doesn’t Matter in 2023 until the Igbos see themselves as one and show some love to one another.

Igbokwe reacting to the ongoing Igbo presidential campaign in the country.

Igbos Presidency Doesn't Matter Until We See Ourselves As One - Joe Igbokwe

On his statement during a press meeting conference with other igbo political stakeholders in Lagos, Joe Igbokwe Lament that the igbo presidency will not matter, until there is a serious unity among the Igbos and also between the people of Southeast.

“Igbo unity is what will determine if we need the igbo presidency in 2023, our people needs to be lectured about unity and love, The igbo people has been scattered with different ambition, and are no longer playing a political role in the governmental position” he said.

While speaking further, he stated that the people must practice the Nigerian constitution in order to remain one Nigeria the Africans are known for.