The proper way of applying lotion cream on your body

Many women do not regret hand ‘bought’ for themselves the expensive skin care products. But if you apply moisturizer cream jars turned the wrong way will become useless expensive, potentially making pumpkin face was lead to pimples.

Majority of our women ‘bought’ expensive skin care products for themselves. If you rub moisturizer cream the wrong way, it will become useless whether expensive or not.

Use lotion and rub the wrong way:

1.  Use your fingers cream: This is the fastest way to bottle contamination cream, ice cream lotion diminishing effect. A standard cream maker will always come kits cream.

2. Do not wash your hands before applying face cream: This will create sticky bacteria on hands and go straight into your skin quickly.

3. Get on your face cream: This cream is just as much wear, but also contribute to skin being hissed, pumpkin.

4. Apply too much ice cream.

5. Apply after cleansing cream too long.

You’ve applied the lotion correctly?

Not just a jar of cream in your hands is sure to have beautiful skin.

These steps apply lotion correctly:

1. Wash your hands thoroughly before skin.

2. Fixed neat hair to hair gets on his face.

3. Use 1 cotton towel dipped in hot water feature. Then, apply a warm towel on the face of one ‘. Here’s how to open real wide pores before applying lotion, make it possible to absorb moisture from the skin absolute cream.

4. Use a 2 finger pointing between the two hands and stretch the skin in opposite directions on the forehead and cheek 2. This will make a very good serum penetrates the skin.

5. After you have completed these steps before applying moisturizer lotion (moisturizing), move your finger lightly across the face. This is a stepping stone before the skin.

6. Use tools take the cream off the fingers. Just the right amount of cream with black beans and nothing more. This cream is enough to moisturize the skin, if too much skin is not absorbed will cause acne. Apply the cream evenly between the fingers to warm cream and melted down.

7. Pat cream on face. Do not be rubbing cream ice cream was hissing and greasy skin. Residues apply a leather collar on neck problems are nursing.

Note: Always sleep properly when applying moisturizer lotion. The best position is supine cream sticking to the knee and prevent bacteria from entering the skin. This is anti-puffiness and also very effective.



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