Strategies In Making Sales Constantly Without Asking For Them.

You must first know what your clients need. This will help you save time and serve them better.
Clients reasons could be:

  1. Functionality of your Product
  2. Moved by Prices & Discounts &Promos.
  3. Quality
  4. Convenience/Flexibility
  5. Reliability/Professionalism
    They want to know if you are consistent and professional in what u are doing.
    AN EMOTIONAL DECISION IS BUYING: There’s a part of your client you need to touch before they can buy. Try to push pricing to the very last object of discussion.
    You need to know your Customers, some are:
    They must all be satisfied as they are important in sales..
    You must always respond to likes on your posts, thank them for their responses; they are leads, introduce yourself and start a conversation and work on their responses. Ensure you have a full funnel of sales. . . Don’t live on past glory. Always have people you are calling to follow up with.
    *You are the first product, package yourself well*.
    *Product Knowledge – go for inspection*
    *Do Videos*
    *Make sure your face shows in the video*
    *Keep forms in your cars, bags, Also read FAQs*
    *Have a Mentor*.
    *See a bigger Picture*.
    *Know what works for you and stick to it*.
    • How easy is it to locate you.
    • Always add your phone number to posts and videos.
    • Give Incentives, everyone loves
    • Hold on to your old clients… . It’s easier to sell to old clients than the new ones.
    • Tell Stories. Stories sell.
    • Share testimonials from clients and ask for referrals.
    • Win your client loyalty
    • Elevator’s Peach
    • identify your Success Partners.
    • Open conversations with people, create relationships.Open your mouth, tell everyone around you what you sell. Fliers travel far, even farther than you can travel.
    • Be tech savvy
    • Be consistent in the face of your client.
    Respond to client’s request on time.
    • Be punctual for Inspection,don’t keep your client’s waiting.

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