Once I order herdsmen to invade Igbo land, the whole south east will be on fire — Miyetti Allah

The leader also expressed shock over the decision of the South East governors not accepting grazing in the zone even in this hard time.

He threatened to order herdsmen to invade and defend themselves if the attacks continue.

Leader of the group, Alhaji Gidado Siddiki, in a statement today in Awka, said the decision was surprising to them considering the cordial relationship that had existed in the zone between the group and the five state government.

In addition, he expressed his anger over the attack on cattle breeders in Ebonyi state last week. Which according to them, they werea accusing the herdsmen to be responsible for the recent attack that took place in Ebonyi state around March this year in a clan known as NGBO of Ohaukwu local government of Ebonyi state.

This report has been confirmed by miyetti Allah, and he believe herdsmen in south east are peaceful people, we have no business in killing as our work is to ensure availability of meat in Nigeria.

I was so disappointed on hearing that the Igbo governors have decided to stop our activities in some south eastern region claiming they are fighting the pandemic.

Is the pandemic also the reasons why alamajiri are being sent back to north by south east governors? The same thing has also happened in Benue and Rivers state, all in the name of fighting pandemic.

If they are truly fighting the pandemic, why was herdsmen attacked in a community in Ikwo recently and even in the middle belt, four herdsmen were killed last week by TIV farmers in Benue accusing them of being armed to attack them.

This reports are becoming unbearable for entire miyetti Allah and if nothing is done to change this decision, we have no other option than to order herdsmen to invade and defend themselves by all means.

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