Facts that will blow your mind !

● Do you agree that, domestic violence is a global problem?

● Do you know that a woman is more likely to be killed by a male partner (or former partner) than any other person?

● Do you know that about 4,000 women die each year due to domestic violence and of the total domestic violence homicides, about 75% of the victims were killed as they attempted to leave the relationship or after the relationship had ended?

World Health Organization (WHO)

Now.. let’s talk a little about this monster .

Pause for a minute and think about the numbers and statistics. Shocking and alarming right ?
These are colossal wastage of precious lives . And these deaths are grossly preventable.

●To the domestic violence victims

Quit blaming yourselves , it was never about you. It’s not your fault that you were abused and battered . No real man born of a real woman will repeatedly hit you for any reason whatsoever.!

That was not the vow he took when he married you.
Love shouldn’t inflict physical and emotional damage to you. That’s no love! That’s anti-love!
I encourage you to see beyond your present situation, seek help , reach out to someone that understands your plight. Report your abuse to law enforcement. Don’t conceal the abuse in silence .
You have a bright future . You were never born to be battered.
Take bold firm stand to refuse abuse .

● To the folks that perpetuate domestic abuse ( Predominantly Men)!

I wish I can find the right words for you. You are no man when you raise your hands and violate the woman you pledged to love . You are merely a coward and a disgrace to the men folks! No real man hits his woman . There are subtle ways of deescalating a tensed situation .

No matter how deeply insulted you felt , no matter the rage , you DON’T HIT A WOMAN ! You PROTECT AND LOVE HER!

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There is no moral justifications in hitting a woman. ABSOLUTELY NONE!

Let’s do some critical analysis .. Women go through a whole lot to ensure continuity of life . She is the mother of your kids . She saw hell bearing your kids! Pregnancy and Childbearing are two passages in life only women can express and describe . No matter how hard we try , we can’t , it’s indescribable.
Cherish your woman , learn conflict resolutions , give her her space , respect and regards . Women are naturally loving and caring ! Most go bitter when they are abused.
Men. We can do better .
If you truly that strong , please go and enroll into a fight club or better still boxing club. STOP HITTING YOUR WOMEN . STOP . I’M TALKING TO YOU .
Be a man . A real man . Don’t be a coward , hitting women in your comfort zone . Go show what you got in the ring !

● To the Society at large .

Shame on you if you aid and abate abuse in any form.
Any society that promotes violence especially towards women directly or indirectly is a sinking society .

Any cultural trends that promote violence sucks .. we must all rise and refuse all the draconian attitudes , maltreatment towards abused women.

Just imagine a world without women for a second !
What a sick and dull world it will be !
A society that wants to thrive , MUST stand against violence!

● To all the religious leaders

Be practical and pragmatic about your stance on domestic violence. Do NOT play religion with lives of innocent abused victims .

Let all your decisions be guided by the GOLDEN RULE . “Do unto others as you want them to do unto you”

Let the love and actions you preach be just and right.

● To everyone


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