Premier league matches to be shown live on BBC for the first time ever

Premier League matches will be shown live on the BBC for the first time ever as league bosses are drawing up plans to show all remaining league games live on television.

All 20 Premier League clubs held talks over how to resume the season though there have been disagreements over several issues, with the bottom six clubs all urging that relegation is scrapped – though the FA have rejected that demand.

Playing at neutral venues was another point raised, but it was immediately shelved with all clubs given the permission to play their remaining matches at their stadiums though behind closed doors.

With fans not allowed into games, The Times report that the govevernment are now pressing for games to be shown on free-to-air television as a compromise for not insisting on neutral grounds.

This will be the first time the BBC is showing a live English Premier league match on its channel, despite Match of the Day being a staple of football culture in the country every Saturday.

Another alternative being considered according to The Times’ is to grant the BBC extra highlights packages for matches.

The Premier League will detail their timetable plans at a meeting with clubs next week, with aim to be hosting a bonanza of football every weekend – starting on Friday night and ending on Monday night – with all games staggered over Saturday and Sunday.