Police arrests Truck Driver that convey Akure explosives consignment

Police has arrested Mr Isiaka Yinusa, the driver of truck that conveyed the explosives that occur in Akure.

Yinusa said he did not know that his vehicle carried explosive devices, he was hired to take a consignment to Auchi , Edo State, after the vehicle that was bringing the consignment from Ibadan became faulty in Osu, Osun State as he wasn’t aware of the contents of the consignment .

The explosion occurred on Akure -Owo Expressway , at Ilu Abo town in the Akure North Local Government Area of Ondo State in the early hour of Saturday.

To this end , the Deputy Inspector General of Police in charge of operation , Mr Abdulmajid Ali , had said the IGP, Abubakar Adamu had set up a committee to unravel the cause of the explosion .

Yinusa further stated that the consignment was being escorted by some policemen .

According to him, on their way to Auchi , the truck developed a fault in Akure , the Ondo State capital. He said one of the police escorts advised that they should move the vehicle away from the highly populated area , when they could not rectify the fault .

He said, “ We got to Akure around 6 pm and we took time to relax at Shasha market area where we planned to sleep and continue the journey the following day . So I slept inside the vehicle .

“ As I was sleeping inside the truck, I heard a knock on the vehicle door by someone who informed me that smoke was coming out from under the vehicle .

We quickly move. The policemen that led the team said we should move ahead. As we are moving the policemen in the escort van said I should stop. As we got down, I saw fire coming out from the vehicle. We brought out fire extinguisher to out out the fire.

As we were doing that, suddenly the policemen shouted that everyone should run. As I was running I heard a bang and I noticed something in my abdomen. That was all I knew and the next thing I know is that I woke up in the hospital.