Partnering With God And Its Benefits

Our God is a faithful God, He is always ready to bless as many that are ready to have a link with him in partnership, those who are willing to use their possession to help His work on earth. Now, let us examine the blessing of partnership with God.

Breakthrough in all ramifications: when you partner with God, He will cause breakthrough to come your way in every of your endeavours. He will bless you and cause you to florurish. Psalm 1v3, Proverb 10v22.

The barren shall conceive: Any barren soul that partner with God will surely conceive. Deuteronomy 7v14.

You will be rapturable at last: the greatest blessing of partnering with God is that you will be fit for rapture at the end of your life. This is very important since it is the basis for our salvation as believers. Mark 8v36.

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Weeping will dried up: Eccl. 3v4 told us that there is always a time of weeping but for weeping to be dried up, you need to partner with God Psalm 30v5. Example of those who their weeping was dried up were Hannah (1Sam. 1v16&20), Job (Job 42v10).

Impossibilities are made possible: God is ready to help anyone that will partner with Him in all area of life; He will make everything possible in their lives. Every report that is not of God is rendered to no effect in the lives of His partners. Luke 1v37, Mt 19v26.

God will fight for you: Exodus 14v14, Because the children of Israel were repented of their sins and became partners with God, God took their battle and fought for them. When you partner with God, He will takeover all your battles of life and fight for you. Jeremiah 1v19.

He will part your Red sea: You need to partner with God, if you want Him to part your Red sea as He did for the Israelites in Exodus 14v16-22.

You have to stay in the right path and connect with Gods blessings.

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