Obiano Caught In The Act Dancing, What Is Obiano Dancing for?

What’s Obiano dancing for?

I like this dancing debate going on between Obiano boys and Peter Obi men.

While Obiano boys were busy in their amateurish manner sharing a picture of Obi dancing Daddy Shokky along side gov Fashola of Lagos state to counter the trending dance of “ukwusala mbala” by Obiano and his wife, Osodieme, the media general Mr Valentine Obienyem has come with the biggest poser – “what is Obiano dancing for”?

Val Obienyem said that Obi had every reason to dance going by what he did. The 75 billion naira he left in the treasury and a debt-free state.

Obi had every reason to dance. At that time, Anambra was the best in network of roads, best in health, best in MDG, best in so many sectors.

Val Obienyem then asked, what’s Obiano and wife dancing for?

“Now, tell me why Obiano was dancing. Is it because of debt of over 100 Billion he has hung on the neck of Anambra State without anything to show for it?

“Is it a celebration of 1.5 Billion Security votes he shares with his wife every month? Is it because of the deteriorating state of infrastructure? Is it because of houses he has bought all over the world? Why?????”

Valentine Obienyem is the general. He has concluded this issue.

We now know why Obi danced and why Obiano and his wife are dancing.