Nobody can stop me from Preaching about Biafra, if Foreigners can agitate for Biafra – Beautiful Lady 

A Biafrans beautiful lady has compelled Biafrans living across the world to support Biafra struggle.

Recounting on the need for freedom, she pleaded with all Biafran ladies to throw their support for the restoration of Biafra. Adding to her plea, she said there’s no reason for her not to preach about Biafra if a foreigner can agitate for Biafra.

she wrote:

“If foreigners can agitate for Biafra, bikonu what will stop me from preaching about Biafra? We are talking about my own emancipation here.

“Bikonu our ladies, it is high time we wake up, Nigeria is going zig zag. Support Biafra, Support Ohamadike,Support IPOB.