Next phase of #endsars protest will be more militant and sustainable – Nnamdi Kanu warns

Nnamdi Kanu, leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra has warns that the next phase of EndSARS protest will be more militant and sustainable than the initial.

His statement:

“As we told them they (Fulani Presidency) would. Nigerian youths never learnt anything from history but hopefully the next phase of #endsars protest will be more militant and sustainable. Once you start a revolution, never ever stop or else you are toast.

“The worst mistake any group of young people can make is to start a popular uprising against a primitive, poorly educated bunch of reprobates and stop midstream without extracting concessions first.

“It is tantanount to signing your own death warrant. If you know you are one of those who are easily persuaded with tribal or religious arguments or you are a palliative chaser, please the next phase of these protests is not for you. Stay at home!

“What Nigeria needs is a popular RESISTANCE movement not mere protests. To achieve your goals in Nigeria you MUST learn to ignore your corrupt media, your so-called political leaders and wretched traditional rulers who are only interested in lining their pockets, then will you taste true freedom.

“Without a popular uprising by young people, all of you Nigerian youths will remain eternal slaves to cattle herders from Sene-Gambia the same way your fathers were before you; always begging the Janjaweed for restructuring.

“The satanic alliance between neo-colonislists, Fulani hegemonic mediocrity and a corrupt Nigerian press is all you need to die as an impotent slave in the British created Zoo called Nigeria”