Muslims Want To Islamize Nigeria – CAN

Just imagine *CAN* telling us that Muslims want to islamize Nigeria just because Muslims are giving free interest loan, free education etc.

Why, the Christians can’t afford the schools built by churches?

Please tell *CAN* to Christianize Nigeria by opening interest free banks, free education, reduction of their university fee to 20,000 per semester for Christian Students.

Tell *CAN* to start free distribution of Bibles all over Nigerian cities and villages; not leave that to GIDEON INT’L or NGOs.

Tell *CAN* to abolish paying money before seeing G.O.

Tell *CAN* to form and register a political party as it is done In Germany.

Ask *CAN* were they sleeping,

Ask *CAN* where were they,

when their sons and daughters in various offices are being used to bring anti-Christian policies, was it not a christian who was used to sack all G.O’s recently?

Was it not Christians who cheer the merger of CRK/civil education?

Please tell *CAN* to Christianize Nigeria!!

Tell them to give Nigerians a better *LIFE.*

Tell *CAN,* four of their Pentecostal churches alone can establish *MEGA BANK.*

No, they won’t do that because their priorities are competition of Jet acquisition, mega Cathedral, palatial auditorium.

Ask *CAN* what is preventing them from establishing



affordable schools to Christianize in West Africa?

Tell *CAN* to start formulating a new strategy to Christianize Africa.

Tell *CAN* to stop talking and doing the same things the *OLD* way.

We all need the change.

Enough of Traditions, we need a *RADICAL* Change.

Blessed be the *LORD JESUS CHRIST.*

May His suffering on the Cross Never be in vain over Nigerian Christians.

Share until it get to *CAN, PFN* and other Christian Leaders in Our Land…

God Bless you Too For Supporting The Truth.

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