Lockdown: Morning exercise goes wrong as Security agencies give them 100 frog jump each in Lagos

Despite the lockdown, social distancing and stay at home strategy Lagos state adopt to prevent the spread of corona virus in the state.

Some lagosian still went ahead to disobey the law.

Some people are found of running on the road, some are found in the empty street playing football while others took the opportunity to exercise themselves.

This early morning, the security agencies at Gbagada express make it easier for some Lagosians who took the opportunity to exercise themselves as they were ask to do 100 frog jump each.

Gawat Jubril who was an eye witness also took to his twitter account to thank the security agency for making the exercise easier for them .

Jubril wrote,

“What’s your take on the action of the security agencies.

“The Security Agencies making the process easier people that want to keep fit and exercise their body this morning on Gbagada Express …. Kudos to them .. A Healthy Lagos is a SAFE Lagos.”