Kano Govt Ban Almajiris From State

Kano government has put a stop to street begging by the Almajiris.

It was reported earlier that Almajiris have dominate the entire state.

“If almijiri teacher thinks he cannot accept the new policy he has to leave the state.”

“When Almajiri are caught begging, it is not only that beggar is caught, but his parents or guardians. Such parents or guardians would be taken to court to face the wrath of the law.”

“This policy of free and compulsory basic and secondary education goes along with its integration of our Almajiri system into the mainstream policy implementation.
This suggests that English and Arithmetic must be included in the Almajiri schools curriculum”.

“That will give them an opportunity to continue with their studies to secondary schools and beyond,” the governor highlighted.
At the event, 7,500 newly recruited teacher volunteers under the BESDA programme were given letters of appointment.

“They will be posted to Islamiyyah and Almajiri schools, so that our Almajiri schools would be fully integrated under our new policy of education.”