“Igbos will loose Presidency if IPOB continues agitation” – Uzor Kalu

…… Urge IPOB to drop agitation now

The Senator representing Abia North, Senator Orji Uzor Kalu has declared that the Eastern region of the country is likely to loose the 2023 Presidency position if IPOB did not cease fire.

Kalu make the call during an interview with the Nigerian Sky News at Abuja, the Federal Capital on Wednesday.

He maintained that the only way an Igbo man could become the next President of Nigeria through APC which he described as the largest party in Africa is for IPOB to drop the agitation and embrace the government of President Muhammadu Buhari, which according to him would be a stepping stone for an Igbo person to rule the country.

The former Governor of Abia State, also described President Muhammadu Buhari’s regime as the best regime so far in Nigeria, as it has benefited the Eastern region very much, cited second Niger Bridge as an example and other Federal Roads and appointments given to the region through President Buhari and urge Nnamdi Kanu and and IPOB to embrace the peaceful manner of approach of the Eastern Governors in dealing with the Fulani herders.

According to him, “Chaos will never solve any problem in Nigeria, either now or in the future. I see ndi Igbo loosing the 2023 Presidency because of the character dispositions of IPOB members in the country, particularly in the East.

“IPOB need to submit to the authority of Eastern Governors, liaise with them and come up with a better option on how to produce the next President of the country. Because if IPOB through agitation deny ndi Igbo this opportunity, i don’t know when such opportunity will come again.

“The APC government led by President Buhari has done noble in the East and the evidence of his works are there for people to see. The Second Niger Bridge, the Federal Roads and also Federal Appointments are all there for people to see. Supporting this government will make the chance of an Igbo man becoming the next President more easier.” he said.