Igbo can survive out of Nigeria – Reno Omokri

Reno Omokri, an Activist, Author, Humantarian and spoke man to the Ex President Goodluck Jonathan has stated that Igbos can survive without Nigerian Government but Nigeria can’t survive without Oil.

Omokri took to his facebook page to disagree and expressed discomfort to how the current government is being run.

“If you don’t respect Igbos, consider that without government assistance, Alaba Electronic Market generates $4 billion annual sales.

“When you add Onitsa and Aba Markets, the total comes to $6.5 billion. Add Ladipo Spare Parts Market, it jumps to $8 billion. Without oil, Nigeria’s Federal Government can’t generate what the Igbos are generating without government.

“What do we learn from this? “The Igbos can survive without Nigeria’s government, but Nigeria’s government can’t survive without oil. In reality, who is better off?

“The Igbo apprenticeship system is not only the world’s largest venture capitalist scheme, it has produced more US dollar millionaires per capita than either Harvard or Yale universities.

“To understand money, you must understand the Igbo race. Igbo is synonymous with SUCCESS. No other race on Earth, with perhaps the exception of the Jews, have a better excuse to be poor, as the Igbos.

“Militarily defeated and financially devastated in 1970, they overcame that in less than a generation, and prospered above any other ethnicity in Africa, bar NONE!”