If truely Terrorist Herdsmen are foreigners, why Nigeria govt defending them? – Nnamdi Kanu blows out

Following the claims by the Nigerian Government and other Fulani groups that the Terrorist herdsmen are Foreigners, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is asking why the Nigerian Government is defending them since they claimed the Killer herdsmen are foreigners.

On Twitter, He wrote: “Yesterday a soldier killed a child at Afor Awomanma in a frenzy to enforce the illegal military occupation of #Orlu that started last week. It’s now obvious that they won’t keep to their promise of ordering soldiers off Orlu. Well, I tell you this: You will HEAR from us, soon.”

“Dear Nigerians: Sec 217 of your Constitution says: ‘There shall be an armed forces for the purpose of defending Nigeria from EXTERNAL aggression’ Buhari has confirmed that these terrorist Herdsmen are foreigners (EXTERNAL). So, why is he defending them instead of you?”

If truely Terrorist Herdsmen are foreigners, why are they defending them? – Nnamdi Kanu challenge Nigeria Govt