I Am The Owner Of Abia State, Take Your Stupid IPOB Off Abia – T.A Orji warns Nnamdi Kanu 

The former governor of Abia state and the senator representing Abia central, Theodore Ahamefule Orji has warned Indigenous People of Biafra leader, Nnamdi Kanu to take his IPOB out of Abia.

Orji while speaking to news men in umuahia in reactions to the Edo election did blamed Oshiomhole for not being smart like him and Tinubu who are the greatest Godfathers.

I Am The Owner Of Abia State, Take Your StupidIPOB Off Abia - T.A Orji warns Nnamdi Kanu 

According to him;.

“I have been seeing reactions of people on the Edo election where they claimed Godwin Onaseki defeated Godfatherism. That is arrant nonsense. Oshiomhole was not a smart politician.

“Take a look at Lagos State and how Tinubu is controlling it. That is smartness of him.

“I also heard that IPOB members are trying to go against me in 2023. Let me warn them that Abia is not Edo.

“Whoever I want to rule will rule just like Tinubu is doing in Lagos…

“Edo is not Abia state because if IPOB tries rubbish with me in 2023, I will use the military on them!.

“I’ve suffered and now I have the right to enjoy. There are countries where someone has rule for over 30 years.

“Abia state will not be different because it is my assets and I will pass it to my children!.

“That boy called Nnamdi Kanu should be warned!”