How You Can Make Money From Recharge And Get Paid (RAGP)

*For those who said they don’t understand how we’re making money. Please read the earning summary*

It’s quite simple to understand

*Advantage RAGP has over others*

When you register (sign up), you get paid (20%) of your reg fee.

When you recharge/sell airtime, you get paid(2%)

When you buy/sell data, you get paid(10%)

When you subscribe for Cable TV, you get paid N40

You refer people, you get paid(20%) with point values(PV)

Your People recharge, you get paid(0.35%)

Your people buys data, you get paid (1%)

Your people buy/sell data, you get paid N10

Your people refer people, you get paid (10-1%) with point value

Leadership Bonus of N100,000 monthly.

All expense Paid trip to Dubai worth N500,000 (You can get the cash equivalent)

Brand New Car worth N2,000,000( or Cash equivalent)

House fund worth N3,000,000

Bigger House fund worth N4,000,000

Biggest house fund worth N6,000,000

*Telecom is the New Oil block of the 21st Century*

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