Good News As CAN Releases Proposed Guidelines For The Reopening Of Churches

CAN Releases Proposed Guidelines For The Reopening Of Churches In Nigeria

The Christian Association of Nigeria has drafted a proposed guidelines for the reopening of Churches In the country in line with Federal Government’s demand. According to Church Gist, the statement was signed by the CAN president, Rev. Samson Ayokunle.

In the statement, the CAN President revealed that the union has been dialoguing with the Federal Government to see how Churches can be reopened so that Christians can go to church and cry to God. He said the Government gave the union a go ahead to draft a proposed guidelines on how they want the churches to operate without having effects on the members and the nation.

The association have actually released the drafted the proposed guidelines and it reads:

1. Churches must ensure to disinfect their premises before commencement.

2. Churches must provide alcoholic sanitizers, temperature readers including soap and water which must be supervised by medical experts in the Church.

3. It is mandatory for every worshipers to either wash their hands with soap or use hand sanitizer.

4. Every Members must wear face mask

4. The temperature of every Members must be checked before being allowed into the church. Anyone whose temperature is high, should be advised to visit the doctor immediately.

6. Social distancing of 1 meter gap must be observed during service.

7. For a start, 1 and half hour is enough for the service.

8. Before another service, there should be a gap of 25 to 30 minutes for those who would host multiple services due to crowd.

9. No handshaking should be allowed before, during and even after the service.

10. In big churches, classrooms and multipurpose halls should be used in order to accommodate more worshipers at a time. They can use TV and speakers to transmit for the sake of those not in the main auditorium.

11. Prayers should be offered for speedy end of the pandemic and quick recovery of the affected victims. So also, prayer of protection should be offered to the Frontline workers.

12. Churches where Holy communion is observed should use separate cup for each individual.

13. All CAN members in each state and Local Governments should constitute a committee together with the law enforcement agencies in their areas to enforce full compliance. Those Officials should be legally backed by the Government so that they can apprehend defaulters and hand them over to the law enforcement agents.

This statement was signed by Rev. Samson O.A Ayokunle, the CAN President.

However, the proposal is to be handed over to the Government for consideration. If considered, Churches can then, reopen.