GLOBAL ISSUES: NO Boko Haram Terrorist In Nigeria, Time To Sue Gov’t, CNN (Satirical Evidence)

GLOBAL ISSUES: NO Boko Haram Terrorist In Nigeria, Time To Sue Gov’t, CNN (Satirical Evidence)

Micheal A. Adeniyi

Where are the dead bodies, where are the pictures of the family members of the dead having photo-ops with their relatives dead bodies on NTA? Where is their sister, brother? I need evidence. Oh, I don’t mean the many photoshops we have been seeing since 2012. (May the Almighty Allah rest the soul of those who had died due to the incompetency, negligence the the disability by the government to fulfil their fundamental task, which is to protect the lives of every Citizen and the territories).

Back to my question where are the dead bodies? As at today, this is the noise coming from the mouth of many people from the northern side including many Buharist over the recent #EndSARS protest and the Lekki Massacre that followed. Perhaps, we should all ask that salient and half brilliant question sometimes. Well, may I tell you that till now “I for one, have never seen the dead bodies of those killed by Boko Haram and I no longer believe the terror group ever existed.”

Wait Oga, I can hear you scream..shege banza! Really? You want to ask if I am human? Well. I am human and will put humanity before any other things, and this was why I was one of those who said GEJ must go in 2014 for allowing some bandits, I mean our misguided brothers in the north according to PMB to kill and abduct innocent Nigerians in the north! I was one of those who ensured we have a PMB presidency because I believed he would do better to protect my brothers in the north.. But I was wrong.

Then comes the crowd that says, “The #EndSARS massacre is a ploy to make President Buhari resign, they say it is civilian coup. We know those set of people who shout rankadede and watch their brother die due to cluelessness, but wait, let me debunk that myth and shake away your power grip phobia. Firstly, Nigerians elected PMB, forget about the fact that he had most of his votes from the North. Here is why: Even if PMB had 100 million votes from Kano, without the 2/3 spread in each state, neither he nor any other Nigerian can be the president of this great country. So it is important to know that every Nigerian made PMB president in 2015. And they did so again in 2019. The people of this country were never at any time forced to make him their president, so why would they want him gone by the backdoors? Through a protest when they have the power to stop him from having a 2/3 spread across Nigeria and retire him just about 15 months ago? Indeed the mind that conceived the 5% dichotomy and that people hate Buhari and the north is the dullest minds we have ever seen. This country belongs to all of us. And each and every president is chosen by Nigerians. Should I remind you about how much everybody loved President, Alhaji Umar Yaradua of blessed memory, is it because he was not a Muslim or because he was not a Northerner?

Back to why there is NO Boko Haram. Firstly, I will love to say that until we have forensic reports from CNN, you remember CNN has always been the first to break the news about the so called terror group activities. They even make a whole documentary concerning the Chibok girls kidnap and the many killings in the Northern Nigeria by Boko Haram, Without which, it will be believed that all gory images from the North about Boko Haram were photoshopped, and that there was never a time people were attacked by Boko Haram. It was mere tugs and bandits. I will also want the Nigerian government to delist Boko Haram from the list of terrorist group since there is no evidence that they are a terror group! Also there should be an operation scorpion tears to fight the tugs and hoodlums A.K.A bandits who destroyed peoples home and made them perchers of IDP camps. I will also want to see a committee comprising representative of the government and Boko Haram have talks to ascertain if indeed there was killings became up till now there was no single family member of the dead with the corpse of the dead and video recording of how he/she died on NTA. The Boko Haram group never existed and here is why: Have you ever seen a member of the so called Boko Haram in prison?

To sum it up Boko Haram never existed and we will sue the government for wasting our resources, telling lies to Nigerians, brandishing photoshops. I ask the government to produce photo-ops with corpse of the dead, we need a confirmation from Boko Haram that the photos were not photoshopped. And we need to know if what they the so-called Boko Haram group shot was Live bullet or the blank one. And as for the government, apart from suing you for lieing to the people, I will also be suing you for failing to produce people convicted as Boko Haram terrorist before and after 2015.