Food And Its Importance To Our Health

Food importance give you knowledge of food and our essential it is to our body and health.

Good food help us in maintaining proper health, prevention and cure of many diseases that may affect or break us down.

Eating of nutritive food make us healthy, but unhealthy food open doors for several diseases.

Food Importance’s are as follows:

  1. Diseases Resistance.
  2. Eliminate Hunger
  3. Entertainment
  4. Energy Provision
  5. Quick Recovery from sickness
  6. Revenue for Income

Fruits Importance’s in our Food

Fruits are good minerals giver, enzymes such as vegetables haste easy digestion in the body, vitamins. More so, is a complete food on its own?  Highly alkaline in nature as they contain more percentage of water and lower fat and protein percentage.

Cereals, Nuts and Seeds Importance’s in our Food

Cereals, Nuts and Seeds are important unsaturated fatty acids which are good for our health and the growth of every human.

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