Fake Tyres Importers Will Be Charged Murderer – SON

Henceforth, any dealer importing fake tyres caught will be charged with murder said by Standard Organization of Nigeria (SON).

SON promise to stop the importation of used and non-quality tyres into the country. This was said during an engagement with tyre dealers in Lagos.

Their Director General said SON mandate is known to everybody and would enforce serious sanction on culprits and perpetrators.

SON is going to play along with Federal Government change mantra which does not give room for corruption.

He stated that 227,924 accidents were recorded in 2018 which majority of it was caused as a result of tyre burst.

He urged tyre dealers to corporate with the organization to end the importation of substandard tyres into the country.

‘We are ready to eliminate importation of substandard products into Nigeria, because of this we have reached out to other government agencies to ensure that we work together and stop the smugglers of fake products into the country’, he said.

SON described sellers of fake tyres in the country as a killer, saying henceforth the agency will treat perpetrators as murderers.

‘Our Act has empowered us to jail promoter of sub-standard product up to 10 years and we will not hesitate to jail any culprit’.

‘ If you have fake tyres in your shop make sure you disposed them off in the next 24 hours, therefore our team will visit you and we will charge you with murderer’.

‘To ease our work and improve quality of goods and product in Nigeria, we are working to improve expansion of SON facilities across the country so that people in Sokoto will not travel to Maiduguri to text their product.

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