Escaped inmates to return and receive federal govt pardon – Aregbesola

Aregbesola, the minister of interior said fugitives who escaped the centre will be granted amnesty from the government if only they returned back voluntarily.

After the attack at the imo state correctional facility, some of the inmates who were freed came back to the facility.

During that attack, 1,880 inmates were freed and those who escaped are to be granted pardon only if they return back to the center.

The minister said it is unlawful to escape from a crime.

He added that the pardon only is for their unlawful escape, they will still need to stand trial for their actual offence and serve their jail term.

He therefore urged all those who escaped from the facility to return back and not spend their life on the run as fugitives. The attack on the correctional facility at imo state is the worst attack that occured recently in the country.

He further stated that those who orchestrated the attack would be apprehended and brought to justice