Enriched Biscuit has been developed for children – FUNAAB

To improve the nutritional well-being of school age children, Food Technologist with the Institute of Food Security, Environmental Resources and Agriculture Research (IFSERAR) and Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta (FUNAAB) has discover a well nutritious biscuit, rich in micro-nutrient and protein for the growth of school age children.

Dr. Abiodun Adeola of (FUNAAB) said, ‘my research is a Tertiary Education Trust Fund (TETFund) Project and the reason we embarked on the researched was to improve the nutritional well-being of school age children using enriched biscuit. Biscuit, as we all know, is a common snack for all ages but it is more prominent among the school age children. But most of the commercially available biscuit, especially those that are within the reach of an average school children in Nigeria are poor nutritionally, in the sense that they are mainly high in energy with little or no other nutrients that are essential for their growth, and that is what our research targets’.

The food Technologist said that the process of the research was conducted whereby stakeholders and beneficiaries, who are the mothers of these school children were carried along so that the research can be jointly accepted and for the benefit of all parties involved. ‘we had to involve the beneficiaries, which are the mothers of these school children, in order to jointly agree on the need for this project and also to select the right or appropriate materials that they could easily get’. Said Dr. Abiodun

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