EBUBE AGU’ Security outfit, best way to deal with Nnamdi Kanu, ESN — Joe Igbokwe

Special Adviser to the Lagos State government on Environmental Cleansing, Mr Joe Igbokwe has drum support for the newly created Eastern Security outfit named “EBUBE AGU” by the Eastern Governors.

Mr Igbokwe described the move as a means of flushing out IPOB and ESN from the Eastern part of Nigeria, which he described as terrorists.

Igbokwe while maintaining that the new security outfit will get hold of Nnamdi Kanu anytime he steps his legs in Igboland.

Speaking during an interview in his office at Lagos today, Mr Igbokwe emphasize much on the need for the entire Easterners to rise up and condemn the attack on Hausa-fulani herders which Nnamdi Kanu has been championing.

According to him, “I must commend the entire Eastern Governors for rising to condemn the unnecessary attack launched against Hausa Fulani headers by the notorious proscribed terrorist group IPOB.

“Nnamdi Kanu has bitten more than he can chew and must not allow to continue insulting and abusing the fundamental human right of Nigerians to live anywhere across the country.

With the creation of EBUBE AGU Security outfit, it means change has come and i wonder if Kanu will ever step his foot here in Nigeria again because, this security guards will not take it lightly with him and his terrorist group ESN” He said.