COVID-19: White woman expose secret behind testing Vaccine in Africa

A white woman has warned Africa on accepting the vaccine being made specifically for Africa on Coronavirus case.

In a statement she release on social media,

“Hello my people, my name is Oyibo Princess. I have not been happy over the news that the new Vaccine is to be tested in Africa. Are they Mad, are they crazy. It baffles me that it was the stupid France that made such suggestions that it should be tested in Africa. Africa doesn’t have any case of Coronavirus”.

“So what they’re insinuating is that Africans well-being is meaningless. In other words their lives are more important than Africans. That’s a total wickedness. Forget that am a white woman but I believe that we’re one. Anyone that wants to collect any vaccine should be careful because as far as I’m concerned, there’s no vaccine for Coronavirus.

“This is 2020, don’t let anyone deceive you because the vaccine comes with a microchip to active 5G network in a body system.”

“African man can survive in a place where there’s no food or water more than the white.

“I love Africa more than my fellow white she concluded.”