Couple accuse Hospital of stealing their baby shows evidence

A woman known as Mrs Faith Obinna and the husband has accused St. Rapheal hospital in Ikorodu Lagos of taking of her babies unaware.

She alleged that one of the babies (twins) was stolen in the process of delivery by the hospital staffs.

She also claimed she was given sedative drugs against her will during child labour that it will reduced the pain.

Mrs Obinna revealed that she did utralsound scan several times in that hospital, which showed a boy and the other baby sex wasn’t clear because of the position. During delivery she also said her husband was trick away to get something after he was refused access into the theater to see his wife, when he returns he was given access to see his baby, which he eventually saw one.

She showed the scan documents she collected during the scanning with the hospital stamp.

It was said to be a scan error from the hospital staff , and when she demanded for file they refused according to her.

According to the hospital the first scan showed two babies by a male doctor while the second scan by a female doctor showed a baby.

The hospital claimed is a human error. And the couple are threatening the hospital management with litigation.

Mrs. Faith Obinna and husband has dragged the hospital management to court and police are doing gheir investigation but the case is slow due the suspension of activities in the State.

She beckon on the Commissioner of Police, Hakeem Odumosu, to intervene in this case and other relevant authorities to help her recover her baby.

According to her the issues has made her so restless, she can’t afford to loose her baby, she will do anything within her power to recover her missed child.