Coronavirus: Travel ban on flights from Europe will cause a backlash – TB Joshua sent warning Message to Trump

The 30 days travel ban imposed on flights from Europe and other parts of the World by President Trump would cause Economic sabotage on America’s Economy.

Prophet TB Joshua, the Founder of Synagogue Church of All Nations, SCOAN, said in a message sent to the United States President, Donald Trump over the travel ban placed earlier today as a result of the Coronavirus outbreak which has been confirmed in all most all the major States in America.

The prophet added that the initial measures by Trump were the best way to curb the spread of Coronavirus, not a travel ban as he has just declared today.

Joshua further revealed that Coronavirus is caused by fear even as he noted that Coronavirus which may affect America’s election will be stopped by the end of March.

“This travel ban on flights from Europe will cause a backlash. It will affect the American economy more and also the world economy at large.