Coronavirus: Igbo women doing roadside/street hand washing business in the East

Some Igbo women has started doing public hand washing business in the East amidst this coronavirus pandemic.

Is it lucrative? Is it healthy for them? Is it safe? I can’t really say.

Igbos for anything are known for their business ingenuity. The average Igbo is a capitalist and a gain driven human.

COVID-19 which has long ago been declared a pandemic by the WHO has taken a toll on the world economy.

Oil price has crashed leaving countries like Nigeria that are 90% oil dependent more susceptible to an impending recession. The labor market too is harshly affected especially in Northern Italy where an average of 700 die everyday.

Stock market values have plunged downhill. It’s absolute mayhem. The world seems to be loosing the fight. Our entire hopes are on God.

Notwithstanding all these, being who they are, Igbo women having seen that sanitization is a key agenda in the anti-COVID-19 war, they have started roadside/street hand washing business. Word has it that if you want to wash your hands with hypo you pay 50 naira while with soap only, you pay 20 naira.

I really don’t know whether to be mad at them or not, or to laugh or to applaud their supposedly insightfulness or their zeal to keep their children far away from malnourishment, all I can say is, God help us. This is just not what we bargained for in this new year.

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