Coronavirus find it way inside prisons and jails as102 tested positive

CoronaVirus got into prisons and jails, as disgraced movie mogul Mr. Harvey Weinstein the popular Hollywood sex offender that was sentenced to 23 years imprisonment has tested positive to Corona virus.

At 68years of age he is of the age bracket that are susceptible to fatality associated with the virus.

Officials believe Weinstein contracted the virus at Rikers Island in New York City, where he was being held until Wednesday. The jail has strougle to contain an outbreak of the disease inside of the facility where 38 guards and inmates have tested positive for it.

Police Sources in New York has reported that 31 officers are out sick and 17 are feeling the symptoms of the virus as a New York Police Officer tested positive to Corona Virus 4 days ago, as of today the 22nd of march, New York City   has at least 38 people testing positive at the notorious Rikers Island Jail complex and nearby correctional facilities.

In a letter to New York’s criminal justice leaders, Board of Correction interim chairwoman Jacqueline Sherman described a jail system in crisis.

She said in the last week, board members learned that 12 Department of Correction employees, five Correctional Health Services employees, and 21 people in custody at Rikers and city jails had tested positive for the coronavirus.

And at least another 58 were being monitored in the prison’s contagious disease and quarantine units, she said.

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