Corinavirus: Ghana positive cases increase with 100% in 24hours

Ghana has recorded 100 percent increase in the number of positive cases from 27 to 52 in less than 24 hours.

On Monday, 23rd March, Noguchi Memorial Institute for Medical Research and Kumasi Centre for Collaborative Research has tested a total of 521 people of which 27 cases was confirmed including two deaths and on the trail of 598 others who have been identified as having come in contact with the people already positive.

The government new policy of mandatory quarantine for returnees 48 hours ago and out of the 1030 people who entered the country after its border closure and placed under compulsory quarantine 25 persons out of a 185 test result received  tested positive which culminated to 52 cases nationwide and its alarming that over  800 of the returnees result are yet to be confirmed.

The Ghanaian medical authority needs to be lauded for this approach which from the outcome of the tests has confirmed that a lot of contamination cases has been averted from the homes and relatives of this people if they were allowed to mix with the populace.

Medical practitioners in the country are urging the government authorities to demand for passenger manifest from airlines in order to have records of all the people that has entered the country in the past 4 weeks in order to test them, if any comes out positive immediate tracing of all those they have been in contact with need to be commenced immediately to save more lives.

The World Health Organisation has warned that to effectively contain and eliminate the virus everyone who has it in any nation needs to be identified alongside those they must have been in contact with , and treat them successfully.

if not the virus will still be loose and affect more people thereby complicating the success rate and duration for its total elimination.

The Noguchi Memorial Institute for Medical Research has intimated on the need for the nation to shut down its public transport system known as “tro tro” in other to accelerate the speed of averting new cases ,stopping the public transport system will halt the remaining economic activities in the city including local markets where the masses go for their foodstuffs , vegetables and other essential commodities.

The general public seems read to welcome any decision of the authorities and to comply with any directives and doing whatever is necessary to avert the looming crisis  as soon as possible  to avoid the unfortunate fate that has befallen Italy, USA, Spain and other nations where the covid-19 is poised to wrecking its highest damage to human life to repeat itself in the African continent.

As for a fact African nations lacks the facilities, and medical infrastructure that will help in combating the pandemic on a large scale.

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