Collation Of Result: APC Scandal

Reliably, all results obtained from polling units after Saturday’s elections are being altered by INEC collation officers that were compromised by APC Governors and Stalwards, who paid them huge sums of money, ranging between N5m to N10m each.

The results were pasted at every polling unit after counting, while copies were given to each party agent and security agencies. These results clearly shows that PDP won most seats in NASS and Atiku has defeated PMB. Hence, PDP started jubiliating.

However, as from the night of Sunday, all collation officers were induced with irresistible sum of money, to reallocate PDP votes to APC and in some cases, cancel valid PDP votes.

Consequently, all the results being announced are not in consonant with results obtained from each polling unit.

Anybody with access to PDP situation room should as a matter of urgency, ask them to collate the polling units results and compare with what is being announced. They can use Kogi, Nassarawa, Kwara, Kaduna and FCT as sample and compare with the already announced results.

Let’s save our democracy! This is worst than snatching ballot boxes.

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