Church open doors for Muslims to observe their Prayers in Germany (Photos)

Due to the outbreak of coronavirus, Muslims as well as Christians have been subjected to pray indoor, Churches and Mosque are allowed to accommodate at most 50 persons in most Countries.
These orders was put in place to avoid the spread of the global pandemic disease.

Most people believe that when it comes to religion Muslims and Christians can’t unite together unfortunately a church in Germany have proven this wrong.

The church, Martha Lutheran church in Berlin opened doors for Muslims to observe their Friday prayers.

The implimented laws on social distancing which states that Worshipers must a distance of at least 1.5m away from each other was favorable for them.

Muslim pray inside Church due to social distancing in Germany (Photos)

Due to the fact that Mosque can only accommodate 50 persons, the church was opened for those who where stranded.

It was a strange feeling for them to pray in church surrounded with pictures and images around said one of the muslims who took part in praying inside the church.

This is truly a good gesture love brought by Covid-19, if such practices should continue it will definitely promote love, peace and unity among humans globally.

Some persons might feel awkward if they are been asked to pray in a mosque as a Christian or in a Church as a Muslim, it’s time we embrace one another for the greater good.