Building Collapse Rate May Rise During Rainy Season

Building collapse may occur due to omission of performance by personnel involved in the building. It is also a defect or fault in building component.

Occurrence of building collapse has become an important issue in the development of this nation as it has become a very alarming issues.

It was discovered that the building collapse do occur due to hasty construction, low quality workmanship, poor supervision, inexperience, ignorance with building regulations and non-enforcement of building quality standard and control on construction market.

The discovery revealed that more than 80% of the reported cases of building collapse in Nigeria occur from the informal sector. It showed that 70%, 23.3% and 6.7% of the reported cases occurred in private, public and corporate organizations.

There have been several cases of building collapse in Nigeria. Many occur as a result of the carefree altitude of the management of the construction as they failed to adhere to the instruction of the Lagos State Building Control Agency (LASBCA).

The question here is at what extent would this continue to happen? Will our developer continue to jeopardize the lives of citizens of this great country? Are the government regulatory bodies in charge of monitoring buildings not performing their duties as expected?

The Chairman of Adaksa Nigeria Limited said, ‘Government regulatory bodies should perform their functions diligently and make their corrective measures affordable’.

He also added that Government should have good regulatory bodies that can help correct or prevent and occurrence of building collapse rather than turning it into revenue generation.

We will soon be in rainy season where concurrent heavy rain is expected.

The state government should enlighten citizens on the possibilities of building collapse ass the rain intensify. People should be enlightened to take notice of cracks and tilts on their residential buildings and evacuate the place.

building collapse rate may increase

State government has agreed to make provision for emergency relief supplies for flood victims and collapse building.

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