Breaking: Israel Scientist to announced coronavirus viccaine

Scientists at Israel’s Institute for Biological Research are likely to announce that they have completed development of a vaccine for COVID-19.

The Institute for Biological Research located in the central Israeli town of Nes Tziona, was established in 1952 as part of the Israel Defense Forces’ Science Corps, and later became a civilian organization.

It is under the supervision of the Prime Minister’s Office, but is in close communication with the Defense Ministry.

However, oweing to the rising cases of COVID-19 in Isreal, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyhu ordered the institute to devote resources to developing a vaccine for COVID-19 on February 1 .

The assessment of experts in Israel and abroad is that the period of time required to develop a vaccine runs from a few months to 18months.

Research teams worldwide are joining the band wagon in the race to produce a vaccine.

Many of them at this point are focusing on the way the virus presents itself in animals, with the biggest hurdle being the way it morphs when it moves from animals to human beings.