Breaking: Church Members Throws Pastor Out Of The Church After A Failed Prophecy

Pastor Udoh Jeremiah of the Soul Winners Ministry, Uyo, was thrown out of his own church auditorium after allegedly proclaiming a fake prophecy.

According to one of the congregants, Jerome Mathew, who posted the pictures and videos on Facebook, said that his pastor (Udoh Jeremiah), had prophesied that a dying widow would be healed before the week ends, he further said that no one should bother taking her to the hospital, and that if he is a man called by God, the woman will not die. He vouched his members to throw him out of the church the next sunday if the woman dies.

Eventually, the woman by name Madam Rose Uzodinma, gave up the ghost on Saturday after suffering from underlying ailments, specifically high blood pressure, according to the video.

A mob, arranged by the deceased husband arrested the pastor as he was about to climb the altar yesterday and threw him out of the church after harassing and beating him up.

However, according to reports, police men came to the rescue and saved the pastor who was beaten to pulp.