Rejoice Biafrans, The Name Biafra Is Already in the Map and Would Be Declared in the Coming Months — Anonymous

According to information reaching our desk, Anonymous has taken their page to assure Biafrans that Biafra will be declared in the next coming months.

According to Anonymous, “the nation is already in existence, The nation by name Biafra is already in the map and would be declared in the coming months!

Anonymous Added,

“Hello Nigeria….

“Incase you Forgot, this is the reason for all happening in the eastern region of Nigeria, this is the reason for the Extermination agenda, this is the secret! We told you this on the 6th of Jan!

“This is all you need to know. Guard yourselves, guard your future, Guard your children. We are digging into the history of this new (but Ancient ) nation, we see a lot of amazing things, this nation would be a world force in few years but other world forces would do it’s best to avert this. Your parent nation would do it’s best to avert this. We see a lot of things.

“Stay Woke People of this Nation.”