Tension: There Will Be A Great Shooting Of Gun In Nigeria Any Time From Now Till September – Onuoha (Video)

Prophet Williams Onuoha is undoubtedly one of the most popular prophets in Nigeria, no doubt about that.

He’s prophesied about many thing that has to do with Nigeria and her government. He is the general overseer of the Galilee christian church. He’s in full support of Biafra, and he’s always talking about the freedom of Biafra. I don’t think there’s a prophet in Nigeria that support the movement of Biafra the way he does.

The video of his prophesy was released recently in Facebook, he narrated what he saw in his vision which the lord showed him according to him.

He said that the vision was revealed to him, and he’s prophesying it. He also said that there’s no prophesy he’s made that never came to pass, his prophecies are always true according to him.

So, he said that in the vision, there was a great shooting of gun all over Nigeria. He said that the shooting could start anytime soon from now till September.

The shooting will be too loud that many foreign countries will intervene. But he assured that all the land of Biafra will be safe during the shooting that will be all over the country.

He also assured that the freedom of the Biafran people will soon come to pass. The Biafran land won’t be affected during the shooting.