Angry Nigerians burns Telecommunication mast, warns FG against 5G (VIdeo)

A Telecommunication mast has been set ablaze by a yet to be identified Nigerian in protest against 5G network in the country.

The Nigerian man, identified as Comrade K of the ‘Nigeria Freedom Force’ in his solitary protest set ablaze a telecommunication mast in a remote location.

According to Comrade K, he said he his protesting against the use of 5G network in Nigeria as the network dangerous to human health and can cause damage to the body.

In a video released by Comrade K, he said,

“Warn the Nigeria government and all telecommunication companies that 5G is a military weapon against humanity and the damages it can cause on a molecular level.

“The 5G theorem has been an issue of debit in Nigeria since the outbreak of coronavirus and several people has been airing their different opinion.”