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Reporterspressng is a website For Daily Unprecedented News And Daily Updates is one of nigeria’s most entertaining and informative web blog, visited by all internet users, daily, and still counting.

We inform you on latest happenings, both entertainment, and informations. We are 100 percent reliable, and report true news, and the most entertaining nigeria musics, videos, comedies, and so many more…

Reporterspressng also an Online media platform that pays you to Read News and to refer your friends to read our News everyday.

Reporterspressng is a noble idea created to fight poverty by converting your time, data and activities online to a meaningful venture. We believe that since it costs money to be online (data,time,energy and phone/laptop), you should also be making Money while online!

We simply built a platfrom where you can turn your time and activities online to a money making venture!

Who can Become a Member of Reporterpress?

Anyone who wants to make money online can become a member.

How can I earn on Reporterspress?

You earn on Reporterspress through Activity earnings. The earnings breakdown are as follows:

100Point – Daily login bonus.

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N500 – Referral Bonus for each person you refer to Reporterspress that successfully activate his/her account.

How can I create an account on Reporterspress?

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My account has been activated. What next?

Once you activate your account, you have become a full member of Reporterspressng.

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How do I withdraw my earnings from Reporterspressng?

Your payment will be paid once you reach minimum amount.

The requirement for withdrawal are as follows:

Members with atleast N2000 earnings will be paid, the payment will be processed within 24hours.

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