About Us

Reporterspress is one of the classic media house with a high standard of view about news across the world. We made our news easy-to-read, simple and in away a news should be delivery. We are based in Lagos, Nigeria with a high-quality news to dominate any publishing house in the next five years.

Therefore, We are out to wrong the anomalies on how publishing media should out their task on this digital age we are.

Our teams given quality and verified information before publishing any news across the world.

All our contents are fully verified and published on a cleared judgement by our team of editors.

Editorial teams

Olaitan Moreach – Publisher

Ajewole Damilola – Editor

Sulaimon Kabirat – Senior Asst. Editor

Okoli Pricillia – Reporter

Esho Olushola – Reporter

Agbor Kelechi  – Reporter

Abubakar Ganiyu – Reporter


Bello Olayinka

Akpomediaye Patricia

Ariyo Busola

Ifeanyi Oluchi

Muhammed Yusuf

Agbaje Oluwatoyin



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Hotline: +234 7036397303

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