A whole  catholic orphanage tested positive to COVID-19 in Cameroon

A home-orphanage set up by a Catholic priest, Father Djapa, were transferred to the city of Bafoussam, the regional capital of the West.

Ten people, including the director of the orphanage and three French aid workers, have tested positive for Covid-19 in Baku.

According to the daily newspaper Le Jour, which relays this information in its edition of Monday April 6, 2020, everything started with the stay of nine French humanitarian workers in the center, during the month of March 2020, without medical trace.

During their stay, reports the newspaper, “several of them regularly commuted between the Kentaja center, located next to the Catholic parish of Baku and the parish of Bandja, located 17km north of Bafang, where he currently works the promoter of the orphan support work ”.

It was when completing the return formalities in France that two of them tested positive for Covid-19.

“Information taken, we will find the center where they stayed without precaution. Wednesday, April 1, 2020, a medical team went down to the scene to take samples from the residents.

“Saturday April 4, 2020, she came back with the results: three other whites as well as two blacks, including the director of the orphanage, are positive”, informs our colleague.

“The 11 orphans present that day were confined to the site, while the premises were pulverized.

“Descended on the scene, the prefect of Haut Nkam, Luc Ndongo, closed the Baku market and all the drinking establishments.

“But we fear other contaminations to the extent that some of these children formed candidates for the sacraments during Easter.”