4 Men gang-raped a female fuel attendant to death in Lagos

The Lagos police command have reportedly arrested four men responsible for the death of a female attendant in Lagos.

Reports gathered that 4 men confessed after vigorous investigation to the gang rape and murder of a 25-year-old lady and her body was dumbed in the bush, according to police in Ikorodu Lagos.

It was revealed that the young lady was a fuel attendant and the unfortunate incident happened at around 10:30pm when she was on her way home on 30th April 2020.

The police spokesman while addressing newsmen said “Four people have been arrested and they have confessed to sexual assault with the victim.

“Due to the sexual assault and the force, she became semi-conscious,” and die after forceful sex and rough handling” he said.

The spokesman also revealed how the men dumb her corpse in a bush when they knew she’s dead, they dumbed her body by the roadside of the bush before she was made notice dead after 3 days to her family.

After series of Autopsy Examinations medical could conclude that the woman had been raped and died afterward due to excessive sex and strangling.

The four men are due to appear in a local district court to be charged.