24-years-old Woman caught in the act with 4-years-old Boy in River State

A 24 years old maid, Esther Emmanuel has been arrested by River State Police Command after been caught in the act with a 4-year-old boy who is her employee’s son.

According to the information gathered, it was revealed that this lady in question returned from Canada 3 month ago as maid to live with the family but along the line she was caught molesting her employee’s son who is just 4years old.

It was reported that the boy reveals how the lady in question has been molesting him since she entered their house.

The boy added that she’s always playing with organ anytime she baths him or whenever she’s alone with him and warned if he disclose it to anyone that “ojuju” (witches) will appear to him and they will kill him.

Esther’s secret was revealed when the boy disclosed their affairs to the doctor after he was taken to the hospital due to the pains the boy has started developing in his private organ.